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Sewer Backflow

In one direction clean water supply is distributed to indoor plumbing fixtures under high pressure. Wastewater is removed in the opposite direction by the drain-vent-waste lines through the sanitary sewer line and into the municipal sewer facility. Under certain conditions sewage will reverse direction and instead of traveling into main sewer will backup into homes - this is known as a sewer backflow. Sewer backflows are responsible for harmful water contamination when sewage backups into the public clean water supply.

Potable water supply enters homes under high pressure. By opening indoor taps, we relieve pressurized water and establish the one way direction flow of clean water from municipal water distributors to buildings. Sewer breaks or firefighting operation can place unexpected, heavy demand on the main water supply, and consequently temporarily reduce water pressure. If pressure drops below that of wastewater, waste will back siphon into clean water supplied to the public.

Backflow prevention devices (BPD) protect against harmful water contamination should clean water pressure drop and back siphon sewage waste. Owners of commercial water sources are decreed by the law to install backflow assemblies in the points of cross connection between clean and waste water. Domestic BPDs are installed on sewer laterals to prevent water contamination in situations of blocked or broken sanitary sewer lines.

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