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Garbage Disposals Installation and Repair

Very helpful and nearly essential, garbage disposals have become staples in most households. Common as they are, though, the skills required to install and repair them are not. Plumbing and electrical skills are prerequisites to garbage disposal installation and repair, and since the average resident lacks them, it's best to let professionals like us do the job. We, the Plumber Phoenix team, have the skills necessary to succeed.

Understanding Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals grate the food remains that enter their respective kitchen sink drains. Yours is no different. Once your remains pass through your disposal's grinding chamber (where its shredder goes to work), they will come out as particles that its impeller arm and plate will stuff down the drainpipe.

Why are we explaining this to you? Because it's important that you understand how your garbage disposal works, so that you can call us to fix it when you notice that it's running strangely.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Is it possible to repair garbage disposals yourself? Yes, but it's not recommended that you handle anything more than minor plumbing problems, since even those require tools, skills, and ample preparation. We encourage you to have us repair your garbage disposal to save you the trouble and to prevent any mistakes. Our services are available at reasonable rates, so you need not worry about your budget. If your mind is set on DIY plumbing, though, never forget to turn off the disposal before you begin repairs.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Copious bacteria, unpleasant smells, and obstinate clogs are some problems you can avoid by keeping your garbage disposal and sink drain clean. A clean disposal also has a better chance of working well in the long run.

Pulling out items lodged in your disposal with tongs or pliers comes first. Once you've finished, plug your kitchen drain, let the water fill up to about 2-4 inches of depth, pull the plug, then switch your disposal on. This should flush stray food particles down the drain.

Clearing a clogged drain involves more plumbing work. First, unfasten the trap's fittings with a wrench, remove the trap, look for the clog, and do away with it. If you can't find the obstruction, attempt to clear your drainpipe with an auger or plumber's snake. Too much trouble? If so, contact us to clean and clear your disposal and drain. For a small fee, we can maintain your garbage disposal to effectively preclude future plumbing problems.

Plumbing Guide & Service Provider

A good way to finish your cleaning project is by dropping citrus peels and running water into your disposal, then turning it on. Don't shy away from asking for more of these tips.

You can also inquire about our garbage disposal plumbing services, or ask us anything about garbage disposal repair, maintenance, or installation. Aside from being an excellent provider of plumbing services, Plumber Phoenix is also a first-rate plumbing guide. Contact us.

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