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Gas Lines Installation and Repair

Though plumbing is often associated with water, plumbing involves gas as well as water circulation. Like water, gas is used extensively in the average household for cooking, heating, and bathing (if the household uses a gas water heater). But in order for residents to have safe and easy access to domestic gas, they must first avail of impeccable gas line installation services, the kind of which we at Plumber Phoenix are known to offer.

Running gas lines into and throughout your home must be done with absolute care, due to the many risks involved. Which is exactly why availing of our services will work to your advantage. We know how to install a gas line with ease, and our tools and experience promise nothing less than a secure and efficient gas line set up for your home, even if it is fresh from construction or remodeling.

Domestic Gas & Gas Pipes

The domestic gas you use can come from underground pipe lines (natural gas) or storage tanks (propane gas), which are located behind buildings or hidden below the surface. Gas companies take on the role of running gas to your area, but for you to use it, we will have to run it into your home through yellow plastic tubes. Once inside your home, this gas will run through the gas lines we will install, much like water travels through your drainpipes. Black iron or steel pipes will distribute natural gas, and copper lines will carry propane.

More information about gas pipes and fuel line plumbing will be available to you when you contact us. We also offer plumbing tips for gas line maintenance. We recommend that you learn as much as you can about gas and gas pipes, so you can read the early signs of trouble, and have us resolve them before they come to fruition.

“Safety First” During Gas Leaks

Exercise caution in case the smell of gas invades your home. Though gas constantly runs into and throughout your house, the fact that you can smell it is a telltale sign of a hazardous gas leak. When this happens, quickly locate the main gas shutoff valve, and cut off your gas supply. Call us immediately after so we can plug the leak.

Before we arrive, make sure that you put out stoves, cigarettes, candles, and other cinders and open flames, and refrain from switching electrical appliances on or off. Even a small spark can set off an explosion.

Contact us to receive further safety guidelines, or to avail of our gas line installation, repair, and maintenance services. Remember, at Plumber Phoenix, we put safety first. As such, our services guarantee that you won't be exposed to unnecessary risks or dangers.

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