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Slab Leaks

An unusually high water bill followed by a musty odor and the sound of running water – all point to a leaking pipe under slab or concrete. Slab leaks are hidden water leaks in underground water pipes or sanitary sewer lines. Making their first noticeable appearance to homeowners with water bills that spike up for no apparent reason - slab leaks waste gallons of water and thousands of dollars in damage to floors, ceilings and walls of properties. Plumber Phoenix provides leak detection and repair rescue to homeowners who suspect of below ground water escape.

Incoming water lines carry clean water to indoor plumbing fixtures under high pressure. Damaged supply pipes will leak out water nonstop for the pressurized water flow carried through them. Immediate repair of slab leaks in potable water pipes will reduce damage and minimize water loss considerably.

Causes of Slab Leaks in Incoming Water Lines

Poor Workmanship
Cheap plumbing supplies, inexperienced plumbers and inferior layout and installation increase chances that copper water pipes will be too weak to withstand erosion, fast water flow, and shifting in foundations. Weak water pipes by definition are more vulnerable to the formation of slab leaks.

Shifting Foundation
Foundation shifts over time. Old or nicked piping and fitting may be pulled apart by shifting foundation and leak out water.

High Water Pressure
High water pressure in relation to the diameter of lines may damage the protective layer surrounding copper pipes, and cause corrosion. Corroded pipes are more susceptible to slab leak formation.

Electrical current flowing through metal pipes may form pinholes water leaks.

Slab leaks can also form in sanitary sewer lines, but in such cases water escape will happen only when a kitchen tap, bathroom faucet, or shower head is turned on, or when a toilet is flushed.

Causes of Slab Leaks in Sanitary Sewer Lines

Corroded Pipes
When cast iron and galvanized pipes are grounded in damp soil, dissolved sulfate and chloride can corrode metal lines. Commercial drain cleaners are also responsible for the corrosion of pipes. Weak, corroded pipes are at a higher risk of slab leaks.

Shifting Foundation
PVC and cast iron pipes are breakable and therefore may split open with shifting foundation.

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