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Pipes Fittings

Your plumbing system is no different from everyone else's, in that it is also made up of piping and fittings. Your pipes lead fresh water into your home, and lead wastewater out of it. And your fittings join your pipes together, make them turn corners and head out in different directions, and even alter their diameters to meet your building's specific needs.

Though pipes and piping fittings attract a plethora of plumbing problems, they can't suffer anything that we at Plumber Phoenix can't solve. If you need to repair, replace, or install pipe lines in your home, we can do so with relative ease. Years of training and experience have given us the ability to render first-rate plumbing work, and to teach you enough about your pipes and fittings to enable you to handle minor troubles on your own.

Piping and Fittings Information

The standard water supply line has the following: a copper or plastic composition, and a diameter of 3 mm, 2 cm, or 2.5 cm. Copper pipes can withstand more damage and are more capable of dealing with mineral accumulation, but plastic pipes don't rust, and are cheaper and easier to install. Plastic pipes with diameters of 4 to 10 cm are more often used in sewer lines than cast iron pipes with the same diameters.

Brass or plastic pipe fittings are built to be attached to their respective pipes. The type of fitting used should be determined by the material of the pipe it will be attached to. If the materials of the involved pipes and fittings don't complement each other, sealing problems and adverse chemical reactions are likely to occur.

We can give you more information on pipes and fittings, and tell you what you must always keep in mind when purchasing, treating, or maintaining them.

Solving Pipe and Fitting Problems

Several plumbing problems typical of pipes can have unfavorable effects on your plumbing system if left unattended.

A problem like the common pipe leak is capable of limiting the water available to you in your household. Whether the problem should be remedied by repair or replacement, it's best to have a dependable plumber in Phoenix provide the solution. We at Phoenix Plumber can fix your burst pipe immediately after you contact us. While waiting for us to arrive, you can temporarily seal the leak by covering it up with waterproof tape.

The accumulation of moisture on your pipe's exterior, otherwise known as pipe sweating, is also a usual dilemma, which comes as a result of the difference in temperature between the water inside the pipe (cool) and the air outside the pipe (humid). Wrapping self-adhesive tape around the sweating pipes and fittings is a solution, but it's neither permanent nor the best one there is. Contact us and we'll provide your pipes with the best insulation available to rid yourself of this problem.

Insulation can even prevent pipe bursts, which occur when the frigid weather freezes and expands the water in your pipes. You can use heat tape and cables to insulate your pipes, but professional insulation is by far the better option.

Plumbing Services in Phoenix

Want to know more about our plumbing services? Contact us. In addition to these services, we can give you “How To” plumbing advice and tell you where to buy pipes and various plumbing fittings online.

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