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Toilet Plumbing Works

Toilets aren't just among the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in the average household, they are also the ones used with utmost urgency. So it should come as no surprise that homes normally have two or more of them, and that residents want to treat toilet problems without delay.

We at Plumber Phoenix can offer you timely solutions to toilet troubles of all kinds. We encourage you to ask for our assistance in toilet installation, toilet repair, toilet maintenance, and other toilet works.

Toilet Parts, Problems, and Solutions

If you don't know how your toilet works, you'll never be able to fix it, or tell what's wrong with it. That's why we are committed to telling you everything you need to know about it.

Your toilet's handle is attached to a chain inside the toilet tank. When you push it down, the chain pulls on the tank's flush valve, causing it to unblock the tank's drain hole. Two gallons of water then rush down the hole and into the bowl, setting off the bowl's siphon. The siphon then sucks water and waste down the drain pipe.

When the water level in the tank drops, the filler float drops with it. In response, the refill valve fills the tank and bowl with water. This causes the water level and the float to rise, and the refill valve to stop. If the refill valve won't stop, the tank's overflow tube should keep the water level in check.

Contact us in case any of these parts malfunctions, or if any other problems turn up. We'll be there shortly to give you appropriate and effective solutions to your specific toilet troubles. Count on us to deal with toilet leaks, clogged toilets, overflowing toilets, and the like with our characteristic expertise and efficiency.

Toilet Installation & Plumbing Services

If you plan on replacing your toilet with a better model, there are two ways we can help: by guiding you through the project, or by rendering our first-rate plumbing services. Whatever form of assistance you choose, we guarantee that the result will meet your satisfaction. Here are some basic tips on how to install a toilet:

Contact us to receive specific step-by-step instructions, or to have us complete your replacement and installation project for you. We can save you valuable time, effort, and money (due to our affordable prices), and eliminate the possibility of mistakes. We can also assist you in toilet bowl or toilet tank repair, and help you acquire quality toilet repair parts and toilet supplies.

No matter what your dilemma, you can rest assured that we at Plumber Phoenix can flush your plumbing problems down the drain.

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